Your boat sets sail early in the morning from the port of Nafplio, giving you a last glimpse of the mythic town and its castles from the sea. The Gulf of Argos lies ahead in all its splendour. You sail past the Karathonas beach and the popular resort of Tolo, looking through your binoculars at the historical rock of Ancient Asini. Your boat approaches the deserted islands of Romvi and Platia, where dolphins often emerge from the depths to race by the prow. The scent of the wild thyme and oregano that blankets the islands fills the air. You reach the bay of Drepano, home to the old Vivari fish farm, and continue due south-east, through the pass between the rocky islet of Ypsili and the coastal hamlet of Iria, which is best known for its artichokes. The Ypsili islet has a pretty sheltered bay that is an ideal place to take a break and have a swim or go snorkelling, collecting a few delicious fat limpets that cling to the rocks in abundance and will go perfectly with a glass of ouzo later on.

Continue the journey taking in the lovely view of the olive-covered coasts and the coves north of Kranidi, which lies in the shadow of the peaks of the Didymi (Twins). You enter the bay of Kilada to anchor at the fishing village of the same name and lunch at one of its many seaside tavernas.
For an afternoon coffee break, head to Porto Heli, sailing through the imposing Cape of Korakia and past its lighthouse, enjoying the sight of water-skiers off the coast of Ververontas and mooring beside the luxury yachts of shipping magnates.