Dou you ride a motorcycle? If so, here is an ideal route to discover the beauties of Morea. If not, that’s just fine, because the journey is stunning, whatever the mode you’re using.

Start the journey at Paralio Astros, which boasts beautiful sandy beaches, and drive straight through to Aghios Andreas and the Moustos Wetland, where the real treats begin.
The route from Aghios Andreas to Leonidio is among the prettiest in the Peloponnese: winding roads overlooking a •ord with vast sandy beaches and olive groves, calm waters and just a handful of holiday homes. Ideal for motorcycles, the road is like a lacework of bends and sharp turns. The view a•er every turn is breathtaking –you’ll be fed up of stopping to take photographs.

The beach below Tyros is quite cosmopolitan and offers an interesting detour into the mountain, and to the villages of Tyros and Sapounakeika. They are pretty and the architecture is quite noteworthy, as it is in the nearby picturesque hamlet of Pano Melana, overlooking the olive groves, where you will find the Chapel of Profitis Ilias as well as the remains of the Temple of Apollo Tyrita. The view over the coastline is also stunning from up here. If you want to have swim, try one of the many beautiful coves with olives, cypress trees and emerald waters at Kryoneri, Zaritsi or Tserfos. Past the o•en-photographed brow of Sabatikis, the road ends in Leonidio, the capital of the Tsakonia region, where a number of signposts are still written in the local dialect.