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10 03, 2016

The stalactites of Kapsia Cave


A complex system of swallow-holes on the lush Mantineia range has created a stunning cave in a spot called Kapsia. It is easy to locate by driving around 1.5 kilometres north from the village of the same name. This impressive

The stalactites of Kapsia Cave2016-03-11T19:22:57+03:00
10 03, 2016

Zeus’ off-road adventure


Zeus may not have had a motorcycle, but this is no reason for you not to follow in his footsteps on your own, across a legendary place that according to some myths was the birthplace of the mightiest of the

Zeus’ off-road adventure2016-03-11T19:21:45+03:00
10 03, 2016

Cave of the crickets


The cave of Kastania is one of the prettiest in Greece and among the richest in diversity in Europe. A visit to the cave is a good reason on its own to visit Vatika, south of Monemvasia. This is a

Cave of the crickets2017-05-19T13:24:46+03:00
10 03, 2016

Sapientza, an island of secrets


Sapientza is the largest of the Oenousses island cluster, located just off the southern coast of Messinia. It is very near Methoni, where you can catch a ride on special fishing boats that regularly make the crossing. Why make the

Sapientza, an island of secrets2016-03-11T19:17:11+03:00
10 03, 2016

Lovely Parnonas


Kastanitsa is arguably the prettiest village in the Tsakonia region of Mount Parnonas, and among the most beautiful in Greece as a whole. You can see it twinkling among the chestnut trees as you make your way up the mountain

Lovely Parnonas2016-03-11T19:14:49+03:00
10 03, 2016

Boat ride to Hades


The ancient Greeks believed that one of the gateways to Hades was located in the cave at Tenaros. The fishermen of Mani seem to still cling to that idea as they point out the narrow opening in the rocks and

Boat ride to Hades2016-03-11T19:13:03+03:00
10 03, 2016

Driving around Mani


The Areopoli-Gerolimenas-Tenaros route is one of the most popular and stunning in the Peloponnese as it takes you right through Mani. Picture the road as forming the backbone of Mani, wending its way down the Saggia mountainside, with small roads

Driving around Mani2016-03-11T19:11:34+03:00
10 03, 2016

Off the coast of Argos


Your boat sets sail early in the morning from the port of Nafplio, giving you a last glimpse of the mythic town and its castles from the sea. The Gulf of Argos lies ahead in all its splendour. You sail

Off the coast of Argos2016-03-11T19:26:28+03:00
10 03, 2016

The perfect drive


Dou you ride a motorcycle? If so, here is an ideal route to discover the beauties of Morea. If not, that’s just fine, because the journey is stunning, whatever the mode you’re using. Start the journey at Paralio Astros, which

The perfect drive2016-03-11T19:06:49+03:00