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The Peloponnese Region implements a series of events aiming at the organized and effective promotion of the tourism capital, the quality products, the gastronomy, the culture and the tradition of the Peloponnese.

In this context Peloponnese.events was created. A website indicating all the significant events of the Peloponnese with Cultural, Sports, Religious, Business, Culinary, Folklore, National etc. character in an effective and functional way.

Peloponnese.events, which works as a promotion tool for cultural events of the Peloponnese, and simultaneously as a significant tool for tour operators and travel agents abroad and the domestic travel agencies, which intent to enrich the tourist packages and create attractive tourism experience products based on significant events that are already implemented in the Peloponnese.

Peloponnese.events is additionally an important tool for recording and maintaining for next generations the tourism product of the Peloponnese, especially on what concerns the facts and the events, which is accessible to anyone interested.

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